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Life at 3: obesity

Life at 3: Fighting Fat. Ooo boy. It probably wasn’t ever going to be good, was it? Good food, bad food, headless fatties and children in marginalised families reduced to obesity risks.

BFTP: Parenting While Female: “It’s Not About You”

This is part of our December slowdown Blast From The Past reposting program. This post was originally published May 2nd, 2007.

I’ve been contemplating this post: The Male Gaze… falls upon a Nursing Mother…. by Morgan Gallagher. I think there’s an important truth in there, something feminists find themselves saying over and over and over again: “It’s not about you.”

Quicklink: Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle

Fred Vogelstein, parent of a child with epilepsy that’s been unable to be effectively controlled pharmaceutically, describes his family’s positive experience with a ketogenic diet as a treatment regime: a diet that involves a whole lot of fat in a restricted calorie regime that requires measuring food in fractions of grams. The whole story behind this increasingly accepted but horrendously complicated to manage treatment is a fascinating read.

Signal Boost: Carnival Reminders

Firstly, the next Down Under Feminist Carnival…Secondly, a new carnival: the inaugural Blog Carnival of Mental Health is being organised right now.

Anybody got any other carnivals they’d like to plug?