Signal Boost: Carnival Reminders

Firstly, the next Down Under Feminist Carnival for posts published during October will be going up shortly at Fat Lot Of Good.

The following DUFC for posts published during Novemeber will be right here at HaT in early December, and I will be wrangling the submissions this time around. So please do get submitting all those great posts you’re reading, and for those of you using Firefox who haven’t already installed Mary’s beaut bookmarklet, what are you waiting for? It makes it so easy!

Secondly, a new carnival (via FWD/Forward): the inaugural Blog Carnival of Mental Health is being organised right now.

This month, I will be hosting the first Blog Carnival of Mental Health. The theme for this month’s carnival will be diagnosis. Interpret it broadly. When were you diagnosed with a mental illness? What is your diagnosis? What do you want to change about your diagnosis, if anything? If you are a mental health professional, how do you diagnose clients? What is the most stigmatized diagnosis, in your opinion? The list of possibilities is almost endless. The deadline for submissions will be November 27.

Astrid has her full announcement and a request for volunteer hosts for next year at her blog.

Anybody got any other carnivals they’d like to plug?

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  1. I’m sad the second round of Feminist Carnival seems to have died after only 16 carnivals. Not sad enough to volunteer to run it, but sad. It looks like Feminist Parenting has skipped an edition too.

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