*cough* *splutter* *ache* *limp*

the international biohazard symbolThat has been the story of my week so far. I’m the coughing and spluttering one, my dearly beloved is the aching and limping one.

Anyway, this is a tired and cranky household in which, thank goodness, our two teenagers are able to amuse themselves while we wilt about the place.

What energy I have is being conserved for things other than blogging, at the moment. I’m missing keeping on top of things, but not enough to actually do anything about it.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you and Mr Tog are feeling better soon.

    • We’re getting there. My chest infection seems to be easing, and today the swelling around his twisted knee went down so that it looks a lot more normal.

  2. Oh poor you, tigtog, and thank you for responding to a comment on one of my posts here in my absence.. was away from the computer over the weekend so didn’t see it in time. Thanks again.
    In repayment I shall go through the spam bucket here for you and check there is nothing legit before I hit ‘flush’.

  3. Heh. ‘Flush’. I like it.

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