The fundamental incoherence of pop-evopsych arguments in a nutshell

This is totally going to be the keynote quote for the inevitable eventual FAQ on evopsych for Feminism 101:

On the subject of evo-psych:

But the behaviours of men who oppress women are natural! Evolution makes men spread their seed/rape/etc!

Even assuming that this is true, what you’re saying is that past evolutionary pressures encourage certain types of behaviour. If this were the case, we should all be adjusting selective pressures to wipe out this trait forthwith. By making an evolutionary psych argument for the existence of a trait, you are necessarily arguing that said trait can be changed.

However, a great deal of evolutionary psych, especially as published in popular literature, is simply full of crap.

Chialea (whose blog I haven’t read but obviously must soon do so), in comments at IBTP.

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