Sobering thoughts on the eve of International Women’s Day

Trigger warning for descriptions of violence against women and children.

If someone says why do we need an “International Women’s Day” show them this. Even in a country such as Australia the domestic violence and rape statistics are frightening. This is just one day to remember those who have gone before us, both our cis and trans sisters, and those who are suffering. We also celebrate the women and allies making great gains for women, on this day.

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1. RAPE If you are born a girl in South Africa you are more likely to be raped than to learn how to read.

2. DEMAND FOR VIRGIN CHILDREN: Average cost $300 female – $30 male. After girls are considered used good and valued at as little as $2 per sexual transation.

3. SEX FOR GRADES: A study in Uganda found that 8 in every 100 students aged 16-17, had been coerced into sex with their teachers.

4. An estimated 250 girls experience FGM every hour. That’s roughly 42 every 10 minutes.

5. EARLY MARRIAGE: In Nepal 7% of girls are married by age 10 and 40% by age 15.

6. FORCED MARRIAGE: In Kyrgzystan, approximately 40% of women in cities had been victims of “Bride Kidnapping”, one of the most common forms of Forced Marriage.

7. SEXUAL ABUSE BY AN INTIMATE PARTNER: Up to 70% of women experience physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner at some point in their lives.

8. SEXUAL SLAVERY 2 MILLION WOMEN GLOBALLY: It is known that 2 million women and children are held in sexual servitude around the world, but 95% of trafficking cases are never reported.

9. WOMEN RAPED AS A WEAPON OF WAR: Up to 500 000 during the Rwandan genocide. 64 000 in Sierra Leone. 40 000 in Bosnian War. 4 500 in one province of the Congo in six months. 100’s every day in Darfur.

10. FEMICIDE: Half a million fewer female babies are born each year in India due to the practice of Sex Selective Abortion.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Mindy. I doubt it will get many comments because it is simply too sobering, but it’s worth doing nonetheless.

  2. Yes, what tigtog said. And thank you from me. (Sadly I fear I may need this link as a point of reference.)

  3. this is awful. thank you for it. i’m very angry that my workplace has again declined to do anything to mark IWD. so i’ve decided to gather my own resources for next year. this will be one of them.

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