Things that add to tigtog’s misanthropy #8725606

This evening?  I took a short drive to the local servo to get some bread and milk for breakfast.  On the way, I turned into a lane where a man was walking his dog, a rather lovely looking caramel pit bull.

I carefully allowed them plenty of room to walk on the other side of the lane, but he pulled the dog over to the extremely narrow path-and-kerb anyway.  The dog didn’t want to jump up on the footpath, obviously preferring to stay on the roadway, which was safely well wide enough for my car and the man-dog combo.

He started kicking the dog.  Because it didn’t want to go exactly where he thought it should be, even though it didn’t matter.

I considered stopping, but I was alone in the car and didn’t feel safe, so I drove on.  I feel terribly guilty.

Any sapient meteors planning on committing suicide in the earth’s atmosphere in the near future?  Please consider targeting this dipshit as your final gesture? PLEASE.

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  1. When he isn’t walking the dog, that is. (Or maybe an instant death is preferable to the misery of life with whoever is available in that guy’s circle to take over dog ownership?)

  2. And there, my friends, you have the reason why pit bulls (who are bred to fight) eventually attack someone.

  3. Pitbulls were selected for their aggression towards other dogs, and for their submissiveness towards humans.
    But even a dog who is naturally inclined to be human-friendly can be trained to fear and feel aggression towards them by exactly this sort of cruelty and stupidity.
    Most pitbulls don’t eventually attack anyone though.

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