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Interested in women in open tech and culture? AdaCamp Melbourne wants you!

My non-profit organisation, the Ada Initiative, wants to go full steam ahead into 2012, and we’re holding an AdaCamp event in Melbourne to kick off the year!

AdaCamp will be a one day “unconference” (that is, it will have free-form sessions scheduled by participants) focussed on furthering women’s work in open technology and culture. It will be held on Saturday January 14 in Melbourne, some travel funding is available.

Friday Hoyden: Camila Vallejo

Camila Vallejo, despite being twenty-three, an age at which I thought being organised and active meant getting friends to come with me to a gig instead of going on my own, is the most prominent activist in the Chilean movement to force the government to enact free public education for all, right up to tertiary level.

Small (Environmental) Economies

I think that most of us here probably waste far more than we need to (I certainly do), but at the same time, most of us probably have our own little small personal economies to reduce waste, and it strikes me that sharing these with each other could be useful.

Wrong way! Go back!

This piece by Paul Strangio is right on the money. Labor has taken the left for granted and while this hasn’t cost them government it has cost them desperately needed public support. Last Federal election some Labor campaign organisers told… Read More ›

Break the isolation, join the list

Unless you are studying at university or working in the women’s sector it can be very easy to feel like you are the last remaining feminist on the planet. Whole months will pass by without a single conversation about feminism. Nobody you meet will ever introduce themselves as a feminist.