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Get Up’s new ad.

SotBO: We at HAT have been criticised before for supporting LBGTI marriage by LBGTI people who don’t believe in marriage. I think we can all agree to disagree on this. You are entitled to your opinion. However, there are also a lot of LGBTI people who do believe in marriage equality and we support and believe in their right to make their own choices in this matter. No one is going to make you get married, but no one should be able to prevent you getting married if you want to either.

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  1. I’m with the LGBTQI crowd, and I’m all for gay marriage (as long as I don’t have to participate! :P). Thanks for this, overseas at the moment so hadn’t seen the ad yet. It was well set up methinks.

  2. Oh, man. I think it’s a little too long? But it also made me tear up hard at the end, so you know, it worked!
    Getup!, you’re so awesome. ❤

  3. Hi there, long time reader de-lurking here, love your work.
    The ad made me tear up too, tis a good one. I posted it to my Facebook wall, but was quite disappointed to see the still used was the one of the woman in a bikini, rather than the man on the boat. Since the woman and her bikini clad breasts aren’t really central to the story it made me a little annoyed. Just figure there is enough ‘here’s some boobs click this link’ on the interwebs without GetUp getting in on the act…

  4. I know several long-term same sex couples who do not want to marry. But I still want marriage equality for them, too – because not getting married means more when you can get married.

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