Friday Hoyden: Camila Vallejo

As we all know, the youth of today are apathetic, self-indulgent and hedonistic. Except when they’re out fighting against the residual systemic injustices still polluting their country from its darkest political period, and helping forge new
expectations of fairness and equality in places where people have every reason to have abandoned such ideas. Do I exaggerate? I do not.

Camila Vallejo, despite being twenty-three, an age at which I thought being organised and active meant getting friends to come with me to a gig instead of going on my own, is the most prominent activist in the Chilean movement to force the government to enact free public education for all, right up to tertiary level. Hundreds of school and university students in Chile have been occupying their own places of learning since April, and they are aware, motivated, and apparently stubborn as hell.

A young woman with pale skin and dark hair is in the left foreground, wearing a blue T-shirt with a white logo, behind her are many other students waving flags and marching

Camila Vallejo at a March of Students in Brazil | Wikimedia CCL

We don’t know yet how this network of protests will play out, but we can already see the skills of leadership, initiative and self-directed learning these students are honing, all by themselves. We can already admire what Camila Vallejo and her compatriots have begun, and wonder what transformations of society such people will achieve as they go on.

Below are some links to various fragments of information on these remarkable people, we should be hearing so much more about.

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  1. Just realised that I published this with me as the author rather than bylining orlando. Apologies! Camila is a terrifically inspirational hoyden.

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