Do you see Indigenous men as role models?

Image credit: The 1000 Warrior March last weekend.

Aboriginal and Islander men, so readily demonised in Australia, held a march last Saturday in Melbourne in the name of reclaiming, respecting and protecting themselves and their communities. The stated purpose of the march was:

* To show solidarity amongst Aboriginal and Islander Men.

* To reinforce our place in family and community.

* To reinforce our culture as a way forward.

* To show we are role models for our families and our young.

* To make a stand for healing our country.

* To commit to the rights of Aboriginal people.

* To pledge to honour the 1000 warrior values.

(More information on how the march got started here).

Events like these need more media and blog coverage. Because let’s face it, absolutely everybody in this country could do with seeing a whole lot more positive images of black men, it goes some of the way towards counteracting the endless stream of negative press devoted to Aboriginal and Island men here.


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  1. Awesome stuff. Although personally I wouldn’t want Geoff Clarke as a role model for anyone. (I believe that is him front and centre in the pic, the guy with the hat on).

  2. @bri – I’m not from Melbourne & wasn’t at the march, but I think the man in the front (black shirt, blue jeans) with the hat on may be Richard Frankland (film-maker, song-writer etc), one of the organisers . And to answer the question of the post – yes -Aboriginal men completely get a raw deal from mainstream media and are poorly represented.

  3. Leesa: You are totally correct! Apparently Clark was wrapped in a possum skin cloak for the march. I apologise to Mr Frankland for my mistake!

  4. Dan Sultan is a role model for young creative types. He is a graduate of our local high school, one which until recently was “don’t go there OMG scary drugs” (highly undeserved reputation) but didn’t let that define him. He is friendly and gracious on stage. His blues/soul/country roots are impeccable and inform his original songwriting. His command of melody is second to none.
    Although he only has one woman in his backing band, at least that’s an improvement on the usual all-male lineup which still infests commercial band culture.

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