Bechdel-Wallace Test

It’s machismo time!

Regular readers know that I have a weakness for escapist action flicks, and the more absurdly preposterous the martial arts combat scenes the better. (I like to see them make an effort towards stylistic authenticity, but bring on those flywires and hidden tramps, yeah!)

Two potentially great ones are coming up very soon (released in the US in May):

Friday Hoyden – The cracking Ruth Jones

She recently popped up on my radar again as one of the principal characters in the British hit comedy Gavin & Stacey (playing Stacey’s best friend Nessa), but it wasn’t until I researched her for this post that I realised she’s actually a co-writer/creator of the show.

The Bland Perfection of Token Women

Why the glamorous hair and make-up? Why not a more realistic neat/tidy small town look? All I will be thinking is “why is she working in that laundromat instead of trying to be a Hollywood actress?” when of course the answer is that the real woman is indeed trying to be a Hollywood actress, and the director/producers have, for some reason, chosen to highlight this Tinseltown glamour instead of costuming their female characters as typical inhabitants of a small town.

10 minutes of Bechdel-Wallace fail

My pointing out that every film in this 10-minute film montage fails the BWT is however meant to call Hollywood’s institutional taste and judgement into question – why are very nearly all these films written around an all-male or mostly-male cast, and why are nearly all these memorable moments in these films written for the male actors, especially those involving “buddy flick” moments?