Tropes and jargon in the femmogeekosphere

I’m putting together a reference page for some of the handy dandy jargon phrases we know and love on these tubal internets, but which we also have to explain fairly often to people who haven’t heard them before.

So far (pre-coffee) I’ve listed (and linked to explanations) these:
Bechdel Test / Bechdel-Wallace Rule (aka Mo Movie Measure)
Moff’s Law
Sturgeon’s Law

What else should be on the page?

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  1. Women in Refrigerators (ref or
    “Nice Guy”
    Concern Troll
    What About The Menz
    Bingo, Bingo Card

  2. Good suggestions (and thanks for the WIR link).

  3. We’ve tried to put some of these up at as well, should cross-pollinate a bit I think. The only one from over there that you don’t have is ‘grunch’, which I don’t think is used much in blogs although it has some currency in the women-in-tech channels and mailing lists.

  4. cis*
    Godwin’s Law (used more in general geek discussion, but maybe still relevant here?)

  5. Two good suggestions, Willow. Any good links?

    Also should add the one from evo-creo debates about engineers.

  6. Although I’ll probably add in a general link to The Jargon File and maybe a few other good general trope resources rather than try and get too comprehensive. It’s mostly meant for terms that come up around here specifically fairly often.

  7. Which jargon file? The Hacker Jargon File in its current incarnation is somewhat controversial with ESR adding war blogging terms, some of his own coining.

  8. My Nigel / Your Nigel – mostly used at I Blame the Patriarchy. Which is one by itself, I suppose – IBTP.

    • A couple of people have suggested acronyms that are easily findable in online acronym dictionaries/finders. I don’t mind listing a *few* acronyms that feminists and femgeeks might have a different meaning for than how they are generally used, but I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel entirely! I’ve added a link to the Acronym Finder at the top of the page.

  9. Peggy, that’s a good article – I’ve added a link to it in the Not Quite Lexicons section.

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