It’s machismo time!

Regular readers know that I have a weakness for escapist action flicks, and the more absurdly preposterous the martial arts combat scenes the better. (I like to see them make an effort towards stylistic authenticity, but bring on those flywires and hidden tramps, yeah!)

Two potentially great ones are coming up very soon (released in the US in May): firstly the rock and roll futuristic excess of Iron Man 2, then the retrospecticonned “realistic” Robin Hood starring our Big Russ and Cool Cate, directed by Ridley Scott and costarring an immense coastal invasion of Britain.

I’m hoping that Gwyneth Paltrow, as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2, will this time be given some more challenging tasks on screen than simply walking on those very high heels, although I have small hopes for any moments that pass the Bechdel test with Scarlett Johansson. However, Mickey Rourke makes a very good villain and the FX appear to rawk.

Cate Blanchett’s Marian will be a widowed Lady rather than a Maid, which I like as a “realistic” touch. Michael McFadyen Matthew Macfadyen will be the Sherriff of Nottingham, William Hurt is one of the good guys and Dame Eileen Atkins will be Quean Eleanor of Aquitaine (fingers crossed that Eleanor and Marian get to talk some Bechdel-icious politics and tactics rather than just emotional stuff about sons and lovers). Marian definitely gets to swing a sword and pull a bow.

Apparently the original script for this Hood movie was “high-concept” – a re-visioning where the Sheriff of Nottingham was the good man and Robin Hood really was just a theif and traitor. They seem to have dumped that concept early on though, to use a more conventional script. Maybe someone else can make that high-concept movie.

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  1. Michael McFadyen

    Matthew McFadyen?
    It looks like rollicking good fun.

  2. Both are on my list of movies I must see and am very likely to enjoy. “Beneath Hill 60″ looks like a great story, too, and has a wonderful Aussie cast. I saw Brendan Cowell play Hamlet a couple of years ago and am looking forward to seeing him on film. Also to seeing Jacqueline McKenzie back on the big screen – where’s she been hiding in recent years?

  3. She’s been making television in the US since 2004 – first The 4400 and now Mental. She’s also had at least one baby in the last few years! I guess we’ll only see her back her for the occasional Oz filmshoot now – simply not enough consistent work.

  4. Just read the summary of Beneath Hill 60 – that does look quite fascinating in a claustrophobic way.

  5. Laugh! I wonder if it can beat Das Boot for “fascinating in a claustrophobic way” 🙂

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