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Quick hit: Here we go again

Author: Mindy is a regular commentor around Australian blogs and a contributor to the eclectic For Battle! group blog. What will amount to a public enquiry into abortion in Australia is likely to be approved by Federal Parliament today. Story… Read More ›

Bedside Manner

I shared this on my eljay the other day, and thought some Hoydenizens might appreciate it. ‘Tis a conversation I had with my son, known online as The Lad, the other day after school. I wish I could adequately communicate the tone of voice and the flourishes.

“Hi. I’m Doctor Lad.”

“Hi, Doctor.”

“I’m going to have to take an X-ray. Zzht. zzp, zzp, zht. Ohhhhh.” [serious look]

Images from the mailbag

Two images from my current mail pile: The cover of the current Medicus, from the Australian Medical Association (WA branch). The President’s Column is a wholehearted rejection of the national registration plan from COAG (Council of Australian Governments). Many pages… Read More ›

“…it is not strange that men and women who do not recognise the sacredness of marriage should decide to enjoy what they regard as its pleasures without being bound by its contract.”

Another instalment in the Ladies’ Handbook series: “Chapter III: Outside The Marriage Circle”. The original post is here. The madonna/whore dichotomy is hard to miss in this one. It is the polluted prostitutes that infect promiscuous men, who then carry… Read More ›