For those who followed the Norks Thread of Doom

Those who followed the Norks Thread of Doom on LP might appreciate this amazing poem by Karen Healey.

Karen was asked this by some creep who reads her blog:

I am apologizing to you in advance if you find the following statement to be offensive,or sexist Ms. Healey – I would like to know more about your 34DD breasts.

The result was this poem. It is powerful, and beautiful. Check it out.

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  1. I can’t comment there, but Karen, if you’re reading this, you are pretty damn brilliant. Good on you.

  2. I just read that thread today and it was an odd experience (not least which, I seem to be the only lady on LP who can spin in a circle and not generate a personal magnetic field from the centripetal forces).
    The unwillingness to concede an inch (as well as that “lose 10kg” remark from mere video footage – I’ve heard too much this year about weight loss being the magic solution to everything (I can tell you it doesn’t work for eating disorders)) flabbergasted me.
    I was trying to type more, but I’m still flabbergasted.

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