Puking up pink

I first saw this story from Zenobia, then Jess McCabe added to it, and then Twisty got a hold of it and spanked it. I have little to add to their words, but I thought that what the story really… Read More ›

Quip of the week: journalist division

crossposted from Larvatus Prodeo “[With that level of military protection] even Paris Hilton could ride a bicycle in a bikini through Anbar province.” That was NBC Iraq correspondent Tom Aspell’s summary of the PR stunt from Republican presidential candidate John… Read More ›

Seen at Shakesville

Which is the shiny new hangout for the folks from Shakespeare’s Sister, which will remain as their archive site. Shakers, update your blogrolls! Update: The new site has been made unusable through DOS attacks, so the Shakers are back at… Read More ›