Camille Paglia: still a intellectual minnow pretending to be a shark

Shorter Camille Paglia: young women who “hookup” for sex are degrading themselves terribly and should be less slutty, and if only one of those silly sluts had given the VTech shooter a mercy fuck then they wouldn’t be dead, which serves them right.

It doesn’t really surprise me that Paglia would say something so self-contradictory as she beats her favourite “my pro-sex slutshaming feminism is the only proper feminism” drum. (Molly Ivins’ summation of Paglia in 1991 – “Sheesh, what an asshole” – still says it all) It does surprise me that a writer at The Times Online would pick up Paglia’s ball and run with it.

Thankfully W. Kiernan, a regular commenter at Feministe (why don’t you have your own blog, W.?) redpencils Sarah Baxter’s tripe to conform better to reality (bolded text is W.’s):

The imaginary pervasive hook-up culture at college, that only exists in the imagination of bullshit artists like Camille Paglia, where, in the inane masturbation fantasies of sex columnists and correspondents to Penthouse Letters, girls are prepared to sleep with boys they barely know or fancy, can be a source of seething resentment and alienation for those who are stupid enough to fall for the sex columnists’s bullshit, and therefore feel left out.

Plenty of discussion at Feministe and elsewhere.

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  1. Oh, I’m glad you blogged this. All I could manage was incoherent bogglement.
    What an unmitigated shambles Paglia’s thought process is. I think that’s what happens when you follow the spoor of every bit of pseudo-logic that pops into your head, and steadfastly refuse to ever backtrack – even in the face of overwhelming evidence that you’re batshit-wrong-wrongitty-wrong.

  2. In some ways Paglia pisses me off most because she’s such a letdown – her word choices in her prose flow beautifully, and really ought to mean something coherent, yet almost never do.

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