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Misty posted this fabbo photo pranking Fred Phelps, founder and chief pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church ( – not! linking!). When Phelps first started his website, some people thought it was a parody site, like Landover Baptist. Sadly, no.

“This is the infamous Fred Phelps. He pickets churches and stands on busy streets in Topeka Kansas to get his point out. However, he just got outsmarted.”
(from CollegeHumor)
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Phelps is the lovely chap who has a racket whereby he professes to be religiously offended by gays so that he and his family can sue people who get upset enough about them picketing funerals with their provocative hate-placards that they shove them. (Phelps has most of his family roped into this, including grandchildren – see photo here)

When picketing AIDS funerals failed to keep the coffers filled, the Phelps clan started picketing the funerals of military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming that their deaths are a judgement on the USA for tolerating homosexuality in any way (add another website, Misty’s article talks about how they now have targeted Sweden, including yet another website They plan to travel there with their placards as well, presumably hoping that the Swedes will take a while to cotton on to their lawsuit-chasing ways.

Now, instead of giving them the hate they want and it’s potential lucrative pay-offs in the form of angry people assaulting them, some folks in the States have started pranking them instead, which I feel is likely, in the end, to be more effective at countering their sensationalist grand-standing. The Phelps clan, knowing only too well how expensive assaulting people mocking one’s beliefs can be, especially when cameras are pointed at one, are standing firm and dour and attempting to not react to the prankers, which makes the photos even funnier. I wish I could find the one I saw a few weeks ago, where a pranker held his own placard in front of a Phelps placard, so that it seemed to read “Gay Sex [IS REALLY GREAT!!!]”.

Point and mock, baby. Point and mock, ooh yeah.

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  1. What, God hates lolly cigarettes? At least they were safer than the real thing. Sometimes, I wish there was a God, so that people like that could get the surprise of their deaths when they strutted up to the pearly gates and found that their name wasn’t on the list, and then got told why. Oh to be a fly on the wall. Actually to be there and see the whole thing and laugh and probably get sent to hell myself. But at least I wouldn’t be lonely.

  2. ”I wish there was a God, so that people like that could get the surprise of their deaths”

    Love that sentence! I regularly have the same thought when I see people like Phelps but have never expressed it so well.


  1. This is what a godbag looks like at Hoyden About Town
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