Equality, all packaged up (Open obstreperation thread)

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See the comparative superheroine art at I Read Comics: Equalism

Then check out the broken-back barbies in the Oh, Just Stop It. Now. post.

Longstanding readers may remember a post on my original tigtogblog linking to different art making a similiar point, but hey, the comics artists haven’t changed their schtick, so why should we?

So, what’s been getting everyone else’s goat lately?

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  1. Oh, I can’t wait: two from zuzu today –
    It’s probably the tits – the girls turned away from their prom night were being “too revealing” wearing typical prom dresses – it’s just that when one is large-chested you can’t not reveal your breast outlines.
    This explains a lot – the VTech shooter was not the boyfriend of the first woman student killed. Reports that he was appear to be based on confusion because the police did at first suspect that student’s boyfriend, and were actually in the middle of interviewing him regarding the dorm shooting when the lecture hall shots began. Thus no warning for students either at VTech or at the other college that the boyfriend attended, on the assumption of a limited domestic dispute.

  2. I posted at Larvatus Prodeo on the US SC ruling on Gonzales v. Carhart banning IDX for pregnancy terminations.

  3. Excellent obstreperation from Sheelzebub regarding the bigotry surrounding a Muslim woman wearing a modesty swimsuit at an Oxford, UK swimming pool. Thrill to bigot Ian Caldwell telling a grown woman that she was “a silly little girl” for wanting to take part in the loud public conversation he was having about her “burkini” as unacceptable attire.

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