Cosmos Wars

Dana Hunter thoughtfully put together a links roundup (so I didn’t have to) on the many many creationists who are very cross with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson right now because he’s talking science on TV.


Secular is one of those words that theocratic propagandists have shifted the Overton Window on, to make it seem like secular is the opposite of pluralist when in fact it is only a secular stance that makes pluralism possible. Post-secular? Hm.

One for the annals of classic rebuttals

Lots of people in skeptical circles have linked to this, so many of you may have seen it already. Marvellous effort from Cristina in Romania, pointing out that not only is the latest attempt by American fundagelicals to demonise Darwin full of the usual ignorance of actual science, misrepresentations of science and outright falsehoods about Darwin and science, it’s full of double standards and blatant hypocrisy as well.

Who made the seeds?

[image source] We were examining seedless grapes after dinner, biting them in half to see what they look like inside, holding them up to light to examine the veining, peeling the skin off with our teeth. We noticed that they… Read More ›

Sunday, Darwin Sunday

Happy Darwin Day! Today is Darwin’s birthday, and many American churches are having an Evolution Sunday to sermonise about the harmony that can exist between faith and science. I recommend hieing thee to Pharyngula, where PZ will undoubtedly mark the… Read More ›

Two steps forward, three steps back

In Dover, Pennsylvania, the school board elections ousted the Republican fundevangelicals who want intelligent design taught in high school science class. In Kansas, a different lot of fundevangelicals voted to change school science standards to include be more critical of… Read More ›