Cosmos Wars

Dana Hunter thoughtfully put together a links roundup (so I didn’t have to) on the many many creationists who are very cross with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson right now because he’s talking science on TV.

Image shows Neil deGrasse Tyson in front of an image of a planetary nebula or similar, holding a microphone. The caption says "Brace Yourselves. Knowledge is coming."

Brace Yourselves
Knowledge Is Coming

The call du jour from the angry crowd is that Tyson is ignoring “creation science” on Cosmos. My favourite quote-bite from Dana’s post is from Think Progress pointing out that creationism is actually getting LOTS of time on Cosmos:

Tyson isn’t ignoring creationism. Creationists wish Tyson were ignoring creationism. Tyson is instead standing on creationism’s home turf and playing by their rules. […] Tyson is taking creationists’ claims deadly seriously, and showing all the ways they’re wrong.

We’re fortunate here in Australia that we don’t have so such a deep culture-war gulf on the issue of planetary and biological origins as part of general science education. I for one don’t take that for granted though.

Cosmos is currently showing on the National Geographic pay-tv channel here in Australia. I hope it gets picked up by SBS or Auntie once pay-tv has done with it.

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  1. I love that picture. I hope this goes free to air as well. I would love to see it, and the more of this type of thing I can expose my kids to the better.

    • I’m sure it will be out on DVD within a few months, and it’s after that when the free-to-air rights will be available. Might be good to add the DVD to the maybe-for-xmas list?

  2. Excellent idea

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