Femmostroppo Reader April 6, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Weekly round-up and open thread
  • – Linkfarm from The F-Word Blog

  • Where are you from? Part 6
  • – “I am thinking about what “where are you from” will mean in my family’s future.”
    (Read parts 1 thru 5 too)

  • Creationism At University Of Western Australia And Curtin University – CMI Invades My Town
  • – “Essentially, both UWA and Curtin student guilds are helping to promote creationist lectures by Creation Ministry International on their university campuses.”

  • Roller Derby News Organization Clarifies Mission Statement to be More Trans Inclusive.
  • – “I would like to publicly thank the staff at Derby News Network for taking a bold step to assure not only that those who are gender variant have a place in the sport but to assure that proper editorial wording is used to refer to the gender identity and gender expression communities.”

  • I still want a labradoodle
  • – Is Charlie Sheen a shithead because he mistreated his dog? You betcha. But we already thought he was a shithead for mistreating women – why didn’t the internets agree?

  • Rebecca Black's "Friday"
  • – “I have become addicted to the backlash surrounding Rebecca Black and her song “Friday”. There is so much critique and hatred going in her direction, I find it fascinating.”

  • Cowardice
  • – “The trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who is accused of plotting the September 11th attacks, will be held before a military commission in Guantanamo Bay instead of in federal court. Why? Because apparently the American criminal justice system is too soft to adequately try a terrorist — a view that is stunningly insulting to our legal system. The Times is right; it’s just cowardice: “

  • The Ten Ringwraiths
  • – “If we were to use the argument (which I don’t agree with) that the Republican Party is the authoritarian daddy party (while the Democrats are all for the nanny state), then this particular bunch of daddies is going to leave the children starving while increasing their own beer allowance.”

  • Why Do Atheists Have to Advertise?
  • – “When it comes to every other human idea/ affiliation/ activity/ organization, we think it’s perfectly reasonable for people to make themselves visible. To make information available. To let others who might be interested know that a group exists. To persuade others who don’t agree to change their minds. When it comes to politics, science, art, medicine, hobbies, philosophy, food, etc., we consider it not only acceptable, but positive and worthwhile, to share our ideas, and to get our points of view into the world, and to make our case when we really think we’re right.

    Why should atheism be the exception?”

  • Winner and Losers… is a Loser
  • – “I was looking forward to new Australian comedy/drama Winners and Losers, which follows four best friends from an all-girls school who were losers in high schools and meet up again at their school reunion. It looked very female-centric, with the men being secondary a la McLeod’s Daughter’s and I rather like Virginia Gay. I was bitterly disappointed.”

  • I caved…
  • – Bad Moms Club Philosophy: “A standard that looks only to whether one’s kids are healthy and happy, within the bounds of what a parent can control. A standard that embraces laughter and good times, with or without liquor.

    So, yeah. The celebration of bad is not a celebration of neglect. It’s a celebration of independence from the tyranny of ‘Good’-with-a-capital-G. “

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  1. Hey there! Great blog! Thank you so much for linking me in! Will make sure to check out the rest of the links and am looking forward to learning more from you! :))

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