Media Circus: Election Announcement Edition

A Federal election in September, violence in Egypt and Syria, Obama proposes immigration reforms and appoints John Kerry his new Secretary of State, deaths and damage are being tallied in Tasmanian/Victorian fires and Queensland floods. What has piqued your sociopolitical media interests lately? Please share your bouquets and brickbats.

Quakers Hill nursing home fire

Anyone concerned about family members at the Quakers Hill Nursing Home can call 1800 227 228 for information.

From latest bulletins it seems a fire alarm sounded at about 5am and despite fast firefighting response (6 minutes according to the radio) the fire had become massive. As of the 8:30am bulletins police are advising that 9 people have died and that 20 more people are being treated for burns injuries.

Thread: US Tornados

DEADLY tornados and flash floods flattened buildings and overturned vehicles yesterday as major storms churned through the south of the US, with the death toll surpassing 220 people.

Japan earthquake and tsunami

Authorities are projecting around 1000 deaths. I don’t think any of our regular commenters live in Japan, nor anywhere in the northern Pacific likely to be tsunami-affected, but I’m sure we must have lurkers there. I wish you all safe. Please use this as an open thread on any news.


Things are moving so fast around Northern Africa and the Middle East right now. History in the making.

Update: I’m designating this as an open thread on the uprisings and the attempts to suppress them.