Victorian storms & floods

A torrential downpour causes flash flooding on Chapel Street. (User submitted: Fleur Spriggs)

A torrential downpour causes flash flooding on Chapel Street. | ABC Online

Check in, if you’ve got power! Watch out for those tricksy flash floods, and when do we get a week free of natural disaster dangers please?

By comparison, I’m mildly concerned about my parents in Sydney’s western hinterland coping with a 40+ heatwave and rolling blackouts, but I’m pretty sure it’s unlikely to kill them.

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  1. We felt the tail end in the Western suburbs – rain like we’ve hardly seen here, like monsoon rain, just nuts. Went on all day. At about 8 pm daughter announced she was going out (wearing suede ankle boots which are not close fitting, and which would have turned into natural water jugs.) I sighed and asked her at least to change into her Docs, but no, didn’t go with outfit :-/ She was walking to other side of suburb. At about 10.30 (sheet lightning, thunder, still monsoonal rain) I rang her and said I was picking her up in the car b/c this was just ridonculous.
    Two other kids decided they would like lifts as well which took us to Spotswood, a very low lying suburb. On the way back we went around a corner and then found ourselves in a sheet of flash flood water. For those who say “don’t drive into flood water”, please withhold your scorn for those driving around corners with very poor visibility! By the time we realised how deep it was it was like the Macbeth thing where there was no use doing anything but going forward. Ye Olde Mitsubishi was a trouper as usual and didn’t stall – BUT – please note people – we lost the brakes for a short time after that!! The solution is to gently pump the brakes after you come out of the water.

  2. Things aren’t looking good for the markets today. Not as bad as the farmers but we’ll definitely feel the impact.

  3. In happier news, I now have a moat all around my house, which is an excellent excuse to build a fort. Also it will keep out vikings and such.
    On my roof is a big great heron thing. It’s a tan colour with huge black eyebrows. Any ornithologists about?

  4. My parents (who live in Oakleigh) and my girlfriend’s dad (Mordialloc) both called up in a panic to see if we were okay. We live in the south west of the state and usually get the most rainfall…but this time only a few drops. They had water running down the inside of their walls.

  5. Elwood Canal has turned into the Sea of Elwood. I had some minor flooding, but have heard many stories of St. Kilda/Elwood dwellers being very badly flooded.

  6. Amazing Kim, may I recommend the Birds In Backyards birdfinder?

  7. Amazing Kim, could it have been a Nankeen Night Heron?

  8. Good to hear from y’all.

  9. It is indeed a Nanken Night Heron! Though mine seem to be doing double shifts and are herons during the day too. Thanks, Liam and Donna.

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