Recovery day

We had a quiet day today except for meeting up with all the togster’s chums from Rock Eisteddfod in the morning to unpack the trucks and do the communal gloat. What a night we had last night! We didn’t get out of the Entertainment Centre until well after midnight.

It was a great show.

Julie Bishop would have had kittens with all the political commentary aimed at the current regimes of China and the USA, although she probably wouldn’t be worried by the political aspects of the pieces where the Nazis were the villains, or where the Old Garde persecuted Edmund Dantes. Davidson High, who were the focus of so much wingnut opprobrium, put on a terrific performance: you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen a girl in a grey suit and a GW Bush mask twirl the pois with panache (a nice nod to GWB’s past as a college cheerleader, although I doubt he actually had pois).

For those who’ve never seen a nice bit of poi work, here’s someone working with flaming pois (the Davidson team didn’t set their pois on fire).

The other reason we had a quiet day was that after staying fine for our unpack, the heavens decided to pour down. Besides, our city is still in APEC lockdown.Some more APEC photos from a Flickrer.

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  1. Congratulations Togster!!

    Details? What instrument? Song?

    I prefer my pois with sauce.

  2. Rock Eisteddfod is all about the dance, the set design, and how well the props crew ring the set changes to tell the story. It’s all done to soundtrack, which the schools produce themselves (some only using MP3s, sadly, which don’t stand up to being broadcast over the sound system at the Entertainment Centre – too much distortion).
    The togster was one of the props crew, hiding in a big box on wheels and pushing it around while other people danced on it. He absolutely loved the whole experience.

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