So that’s why I haven’t been writing much lately

I haven’t been letting myself feel bad-tempered enough about all the world’s bullshit.

I definitely wrote more and extremely easily when my inner grump was my major muse. Perhaps I should wind my grumpy-pants up again. Might take a while for them to get into gear again after so long though. Help me out by telling me what’s been making you grumpy lately?

What I’ve already got:

That’s not all, but it will do for starters. What else you got to get my dander up?

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  1. The NSW government, pretty much everything about it.

    How hard it is to reprogram my brain against body shaming.

    The inevitable march towards destruction from climate change.

    The fact that my husband still hasn’t put in the second screw to hang up my map of Ankh Morpork, and he’d get shitty if I did it myself.

    Car mechanics. All of them.

  2. All of the above plus Bill Leak, One Nation (and Malcolm Roberts in particular), Brexit, and Dondale…

    Actually a recent article by Libby-Anne at Love Joy Feminism about the sentencing disparity between men who kill their wives and women who kill their husbands put me in a very Hulk Smash mood…

  3. I have found myself to be an absolute grump monster lately, but I haven’t been writing about it because to do so feels so futile. It seems that the good people in this country are the ones who have no power whatever. The two things that have been upsetting me most are inadequate help for refugee children (I very much want adults to be looked after too, but the complications of that simply shouldn’t apply where children are concerned. When it’s kids, you save them first and sort out everything else after) and, broadly speaking, the capricious mis-distribution of public funds to all the areas that need it least (politicians’ expenses, defence hardware, plebiscite, corporate handouts… you know the list) while areas like the Arts, higher education and public services, which could all employ way more Australians, thus re-injecting their wages into the economy, are resource-shrivelled. Also I’ve been getting way more angry than I expected to at people calling Hillary Clinton conservative, as if decades of working on children’s rights, women’s rights and universal health care can all be waved away with a wafture of the hand.

  4. tigtog! You got us all riled up and then ran away.

    • Buckets of apologies, I’ve been busy swotting for the panel I’m part of this weekend at the Feminist Writers Festival in Melbourne. Excited and apprehensive all mixed up together!

  5. I’m annoyed that we are yet again having the ‘is blackface racist’ conversation. (SoTBO YES IT FUCKING IS).

    • And somehow I still find a spare corner of myself to be annoyed that she dressed her kid as someone who had nothing to do with a book. It’s called BOOK WEEK, people.

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