Media Circus: Inauguration edition

Discussion starters for this media circus edition:

What’s piqued your media interests lately?

As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis or pointed twitterstorms etc in new media. Discuss any current sociopolitical issue (the theme of each edition is merely for discussion-starter purposes – all current news items are on topic!).

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  1. Ohhh, poor widdle victim Kochie. Won’t somebody think of the oppressed rich white conservative dudes with TV shows, who are being so horrendously discriminated against and silenced?

  2. Koch and the Sunrise program got the controversy they were looking for. Lots of coverage on social media, live crosses to the protesters and the lead organiser interviewed in the studio. A little boost to the ratings too I bet.

  3. “Noisy social media brigade”?
    Remember when it used to be the chardonnay sipping set, or the latte lickers? (Well, something like that.)
    Now the denigration and dismissal of choice is to accuse people of being nothing more than part of the “social media”.
    Sure, why not.
    All of the insulted women and mothers don’t do real things in the real world or have real thoughts. No, they just get all uppity on social media. I guess that means they’re not cluttering up public places exposing their breasts in an unclassy manner.
    My free tip for breast feeding mothers looking for classy ways to exposed their breasts in in public: pick up a copy of Zoo Weekly, an excellent investment of a couple of dollars.

  4. Looks like I was wrong about it being a ratings winner, though I’m not alone in thinking it was an organised stunt from the start

  5. If anyone’s been following the ”Jacksonville” story on Independent Australia, this particular article is going to come as no surprise whatsoever.
    In other news, Margo Kingston sent an open letter to the Sunshine Coast Daily, suggesting that since they have an exclusive media opportunity to interview Mal Brough, they might want to ask him some questions regarding Ashbygate. They sent her a response today. We shall see what eventuates (although the smart money is apparently against there being any hard questions actually asked, or the results of same being published).

  6. Thanks for the links, Megpie. The various connections between players in both scandals are quite intriguing, aren’t they?

  7. A few points about gender in politics following Nova Peris’s nomination in this article that appeared in my newsfeed today.

  8. …and now, someone who has a shitload of degrees in cultural politics, self-identifies as a feminist, and teaches at university level on feminist politics has posted this steaming turd:

    While I may be all good with the boob, some people are much less so. And yet those people – who very well might be criticised as boring or retrograde or fuddy-duddies – have just as much a right to use public space as every nursing mother. In turn, they need to be free from images that they find offensive.

    She is frightened of “mommy bloggers”. She has no problem with Kochie – he has a “perfect right” to promote his show – but thinks that breastfeeding mothers and feminists are silly little naifs who have been completely Doing It Wrong in this debate.
    er, yay feminism? Or something? Sheesh.

  9. Ack! I hate that argument. I have a lesbian friend who was effectively bullied out of a job once because one of her co-workers was offended by her ‘talking too much about her personal life’ (or in other words occasionally mentioning the fact that she had a girlfriend not a boyfriend).
    If breastfeeding in public is ok (and the law says it is) then it is ok, and people who are offended by it need to get over it.

  10. So, Laudredhel, I guess the same principle applies to respecting the right of all those fuddy-duddies who don’t want to experience the offensive sight of a same-sex couple kissing or holding hands?
    Or those of us who’d prefer to know before we venture into public space that we will not have to witness Tony Abbott in speedos?


    I’m wondering – could someone else have a look at this one, and tell me what they think of the plan? I mean, I look at it, and I think “oh, they’re going back to the old two-stream approach for high school – there’s the uni stream, where all the upper income bracket kids go, and there’s the trade stream, where all the working class kids are directed.”
    I mean, okay, I’ll accept that WA’s upper high school curriculum is apparently a gods-awful mess (it was heading that way when I was in high school, and I graduated back in 1988). I’ll accept that something needs to be done about it. But is bringing back a model which was fraught with problems the last time it was running (in the 1950s through to the 1970s, from what I’m aware of) really the way to solve the whole difficulty?

  12. H/T to Mim on FB for this link to Sunili’s tumblr on that Dick Smith ad.
    I won’t be purchasing Dick Smith products if this is his idea of a True Blue Aussie.

    • Woke up this morning to footage of an incandescently contemptuous Hillary Clinton thumping the desk at a Senate hearing into the Benghazi embassy attacks while replying to arsehatted accusations, and afterwards the talking head said “an emotional Hillary Clinton there”.
      Funny, I don’t remember Kruschev being described as “emotional” when he banged his shoe on his desk during Harold McMillan’s speech to the UN. I don’t remember brawling (male) parliamentarians in Seoul being described as “emotional”. I don’t remember Gough Whitlam’s famous scorn directed against Kerr and Fraser back in 1975 being described as “emotional”.
      There appears to be a double standard in play. This may require a photo-essay.

      • Ha. I now notice that the talking head’s script has changed over the last few hours on that channel. The word “emotional” is no longer being used to summarise Secretary Clinton’s reaction when that same footage is replayed. Methinks the noisy social media brigade might have provided them with some negative feedback quite smartly.

  13. Aaaand The Flaming Galah of the Day Award goes to @AndrewLamingMP.

  14. Tony Abbott at a Brisbane SES depot today. Where’s the PM?
    — Andrew Laming (@AndrewLamingMP) January 28, 2013

    Just looked up Twitter to see what that was about TT. Oh dear.

  15. It was just the latest in a nasty series of ‘gotcha’ attempts that should backfire more spectacularly than they do.

  16. The ultra-Left are ranting about the French in Mali right now, despite the fact that the Malians themselves (or at least those who aren’t radical Islamists) are only too happy for them to be there.
    Not least because, amongst other things, the Islamists who’ve seized control over part of the country seem hell-bent on systematically destroying its culture and history. (
    And this reminds me of the story of Malcolm Caldwell, a tragically deluded anti-imperialist Briton whose activism led him towards becoming a cheerleader for Pol Pot (!).

    Caldwell didn’t trouble himself with the means in Cambodia. He was too focused on an imaginary end, which meant that he never glimpsed the deadly real one approaching.

    He was murdered shortly after meeting his idol, in circumstances that remain mysterious to this day, but which may well have been sanctioned from the top.

  17. Ugh, for those who go back a long way on Larvatus Prodeo, a certain Angry Bird has now gone fully feral (link goes to a twitter status which contains a post summary – the post title should be enough to give you the gist and content warnings).

  18. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about Tim Matheson’s comments today, check out Twitter’s @sunili ‘s ten points on why it is problematic. If you are minded to do so, a supportive tweet in @sunili ‘s direction would probably be appreciated, she is copping a lot of crap at the moment.
    The DtJ FB page is also discussing it with lots of people saying that it is nothing to be offended about, there are more important things, this Asian lady Dr doesn’t think it is offensive (bingo cards at the ready) etc.

  19. Just to add to my previous post that was getting too long, a lot of Left-leaning people are very keen to trot out the Daily Mail’s support for the blackshirts in the thirties but those same people “forget” that The Guardian ran many favourable articles (inc a few by Malcolm Caldwell) about The Khmer Rouge.

  20. Tom: are those ultra-lefties like all those feminists who support FGM in our other thread? Because Al Jazeera doesn’t approve of the extremist Islamists in Mali, so I can’t imagine you’re seeing broad media support.
    [Not disputing the fact that for any given position, you can probably find someone somewhere who supports it, particularly in these Internetted days; just noting that a few blog rantings somewhere is not really my idea of what Media Circus threads are about.]

    • Tom, Aqua is right. The Media Circus is a place to drop links for other people to read and offer an opinion of your own on the link you’ve just read. It is not a place to do general rants about alleged nefariousness somewhere that you can’t/won’t link.
      You dropped one link above, to the destruction of ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu, then you spent the rest of your comments ranting about something that wasn’t in that link. Don’t do that. If there’s no link (to a radio or tv piece, for instance) at least name names.

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