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Obstreperation round-up

Just the most recent posts from my feed-reader that have made me stroppy: Yarl’s Wood staff steal legal guide from asylum seeker from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe Anti-choice website: Being a teen mom is cool! from Feministing by… Read More ›

Devastated by Dame Helen

Ack. I can’t even write about this. Coverage from others: Helen Mirren tells men’s magazine date rape shouldn’t be illegal – why, oh why?! from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe Helen Mirren thinks date rape shouldn’t be illegal? from… Read More ›

Oh, the hilarity

British stand-up comedian Russell Brand rings the Nottingham police from the stage of his show, and hoaxes them by saying he’s seen a man who might be the serial sexual assaulter whom they seek. He then issues an “apology” about… Read More ›

Dodgy science journalism week

That old “really the earth is cooling and we’re about to have an ice age” argument gets another outing, this time in The Australian courtesy of Phil “Australia’s first astronaut” Chapman. Greensblog comprehensively debunks his arguments, which basically rest on… Read More ›