The ever-practical female superhero strikes again

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Marvel Fashion Show-10, originally uploaded by LJinto.

Taken at a comicon this last weekend, apparently this “fashion parade” was actually organised by Marvel Comics.

At least when people dress up as Tank Girl (pic below from someone’s Halloween a few years ago) they actually look they could kick some arse.

Image Credit: derived under a CCL license from Tank Girl, originally uploaded by Mickipedia

Although even Tank Girl recently got a makeover: the idea is meant to be that the punkrock look is too mainstream now, so it would be more shocking for Tank Girl to sport a more normal corporate look – with fucking heels, I kid you not. I’m glad that the winning Rock Eisteddfod Challenge entry last year went for the more retro look.

H/T regarding the Marvel fashions to Jess McCabe at the F-word Blog

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2 replies

  1. Can people please quit putting action girls in stilettos? It makes NO sense!

    Desk, meet my head.

  2. About the only time I don’t mind spike heels on heroines are for the heroines who can fly. I mean, if your feet are never going to touch the ground anyway, you could fight crime wearing bunny slippers or something. (Note to self – design heroine who fights crime while wearing bunny slippers)

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