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  1. Ooh, what kind of pie shall I make? We don’t have enough limes on the tree. Harrumph. Maybe I’ll pull out frozen berries…

  2. I’ve made a pi pie like that too!

  3. Such clever people! I have lots of the tireds and so will not be making any pies tonight.

  4. Lucky PI, gets two days each year
    Pi approximation day is 22 July (22/7=3.14)
    Maybe today is it’s name day.

  5. You could always make puy pie
    Mr angharad made this once and it was very good.

  6. This is what I gave my science-y niece for Xmas last year.


  7. This is my favourite bit from that website Helen:
    “Measures 9 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall, which is enough information for you to figure the volume”

  8. Cos they’re science-y, unlike me!

  9. For an interesting spin on this idea (which I saw some time ago on Twitter), if a pizza has radius z, and a height (including toppings) equal to a, then
    volume = pi · z · z · a

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