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Shitlist: Rip Curl

So I had to cover a scrapbook for the Lad’s schoolwork. “No problem”, sez I. “I have to go to the Post Office anyway”, sez I. “I’ll just grab some while I’m there,” sez I. So I went to the… Read More ›

Whoydensday: Old-Skool Feminism

Well, now that my life has finally settled back down a bit, I should be back to bringing you your regular Whoydensday updates. 🙂 There are certainly lots of exciting things going on at the moment, what with David Tennant’s… Read More ›

Quickhit: Needs More Glitter

Girls Red Comics – And They’re Pissed! has a new post up! Check out Needs More Glitter, by Karen Healey. She is responding to this article, “Marvel Debuts Female Apparel and Cosmetics“. Karen writes: Anyway, I’m back, lured by the… Read More ›

Gricers in the Mist

Taken yesterday at the Zig Zag heritage railway, near Lithgow, NSW. A gricer is a steam locomotive enthusiast, and my husband has been one since childhood. He got to ride on the footplate back up the mountain, so he won’t stop smiling about that for at least a week.

This shot was taken as they purged the boilers to get rid of waste sludge.