Quickhit: Needs More Glitter

Girls Red Comics – And They’re Pissed! has a new post up! Check out Needs More Glitter, by Karen Healey. She is responding to this article, “Marvel Debuts Female Apparel and Cosmetics“.


Karen writes:

Anyway, I’m back, lured by the tantalizing scents of bad copy and casual sexism. Check this out: Marvel’s selling stuff to women now! Women!stuff! Only not women. Females. […]

What I resent is more of the same gender-specific shit: girls don’t want to be superheroes, they want to love superheroes; “female product” is about specific kinds of normative feminine, rather than “shirts cut with space for breasts”; before making anything for women, we have to be careful not to piss off men.

What do you think of the new Marvel merchandise? Would you rather they’d run with Nancy Lorenz’ idea for a Spiderman figurine?

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  1. I’d have preferred door no 3: something that unabashedly celebrated Marvel’s female superheroes.
    (Though the Spider-Man thing is funny)

  2. The Spiderman/Goblin thing really got to me. That’s like the perfect slash couple! ❤
    (And yeah, the marketing is stupid. *sigh*)

  3. Does that shirt even make any sense? I don’t understand how Hulk + Thor + Captain America + Iron Man(?)= rock or music, but I don’t read any of their comics. Is it some kind of fandom in-joke, or pun, or is it just vapid poop that they think women will buy because women buy vapid poop? (Full disclosure: The same t-shirt with Evo Avalanche would make me very happy.)

  4. The shirt was obviously designed by someone who thinks the only comic style attractive to ‘teh girrlz’ is Hello Kitty… (what, you guys never heard of Robotech?)
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Stop it, you’ll go blind

  5. It probably says something about me that my first glance at the lip gloss packages had me thinking “They’re making comic book *vibrators* now?!”

  6. I bet Aquaman’s would be waterproof — he’d finally be good for something. :3

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