A fine rant from Amanda: Subsidized day care is murder – inspired by yet more US “pro-life” legislation against contraception that will result in increased abortion rates, the exact opposite of the fewer abortions they say they want.

the notion that anti-choicers “believe” that birth control pills are abortion (regardless of the evidence, not that it ever slowed them down anyway) is working out so well for them that I don’t see why they don’t just classify everything they don’t want women to do as abortion. Jobs are abortion. Welfare payments are abortion. College diplomas are abortion. Feminist bookstores are abortion. Child support payments are abortion. They aren’t really thinking outside the box on how this little system could be expanded. I can see it all, five years from now, with Sanpete in the comments at Ezra’s defending the “belief” that voting causes abortion and that’s why he can’t really blame anyone for wanting to repeal the 19th amendment.

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