More on Maj. Mori and those threats of misconduct charges from the US military prosecutor

From H. Candace Gorman at the Huffington Post.

You see the Colonel’s timing couldn’t have been more suspicious. Moe made his stunning announcement that charges should be filed against Major Mori just a few days after it became clear that the only charge Hicks was actually going to be charged with was the one charge that wasn’t even a crime at the time Hicks was arrested. (Doesn’t it sound like the Colonel is having a temper tantrum over Hicks’s (and Mori’s) victory in getting all of the serious charges thrown out?) Anyway, the clock is now running for Hicks’s commission hearing and the colonel must know he is in for a long, hard slog with the military’s ever crumbling case against Hicks. This must be particularly embarrassing for Moe, because Hicks’s commission hearing was set to go first because it is their best case… Well, let us just say that things couldn’t get much worse for the Colonel, so it was time for him to go on the attack and do what those in the Bush camp do best… divert attention.

Gorman is the principal of an eponymous Illinois law firm specialising in Civil Rights cases.

NB: She refers to the Major as Dan Mori when most of the Australian press refer to him as Michael Mori. His full name is Michael Dante Mori.

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  1. Huh. Where are Curly and Larry?

  2. I missed this in my blog-surfing earlier. Thanks for the acknowledgement. 🙂
    (PS: Dan is his nickname!)

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