Possibly the most Extreme act of Rugby World Cup Avoidance evah

I meant to post this last week when my friend in Auckland first linked to it on one of my seekrit mailing lists. But I forgotted.

Anybody can practice basic RWC Avoidance. You just have to stay home and watch a DVD.

It takes a bit more to practice Extreme RWC Avoidance.

You will need to:

* be a musician living in the host city with plenty of time on your hands because most of your usual venues are hosting RWC parties

* know somebody who is a really good at working with wood

* say “hell yeah” when they invite you around to try out the new instrument/sculpture they just made

* remember to leave with time in hand to get back home again before the game ends at Eden Park, otherwise you’ll never get through the traffic

I hereby present The Regan Gentry Bass Boat:

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