(Now crossposted at Feministe – I’m guest-blogging there this week. Thanks, Jill!) 10 points to Indian journalist Saira Kurup for debunking the myth of bra-burning feminists as part of a column about the history of the bra. -100 points for… Read More ›

Karen PWN!S! TEH n00bs

Karen Healey of Girls Read Comics and They’re Pissed riffed off Lauredhel’s Anti-Feminist Bingo Card and created an Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo Card. Apparently some fanboyz have been having a whinge at her about it, so she has called forth the mighty… Read More ›

Wotcher, orright?

Which God or Goddess are you like? Your Result: God Zeus   You are Zeus. You are fierce and stong, and you like to throw lightning bolts at people who deserve it. You are fearless when it comes to fear,… Read More ›

xkcd pwns teh internets

I don’t know why any of us are even bothering to pretend that xkcd is not our new insect overlord (except for Cory Doctorow, who escaped in that bloody balloon). Excuse me. I have to go and save that map,… Read More ›