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This is the container of leftover sausages I put away in the frig last night.


This morning when I woke up and went to the frig for milk, not a single one of those sausages had been eaten.

What can have happened to the Phantom Sausage Snaffler?

Sydney, 25/5/2007

Police hold grave fears for the safety of the Phantom Sausage Eater after a plate of sausages remained intact overnight in the Sydney Suburb of Togsville. A source who claimed to be close to the Phantom told us that the Phantom may have been distracted by an especially satisfying evening meal and the unexpected appearance of raisin toast at breakfast. A Police spokesman revealed that the sausages are to be left unattended again tonight in the hope that the Phantom will strike again and allay public concern for his safety.

APP Reooters

The Phantom has been a friendly ectoplasmic cohabitant in the tigtog household since mr tog and I first met. I find his disapparation inexplicable and most alarming. And who else is going to eat all those sausages?

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  1. I am glad to report that sausages were snaffled in the fashion to which I am accustomed last night. And again just a few minutes ago.

    I am mightily relieved. Almost as relieved as I am to have my Internet Access back after the Great New Router Fiasco of 07.

  2. Tigtog is, of course, referring to the Great New Router Triumph of 07. Unless one knows what one is doing, it takes a while to work through all the possible combinations of settings that might conceivably persuade three routers to share one Intenet connection, but eventually even the most stubborn problems yield eventually to a combination of blind luck and dogged persistence. In the meantime, the Tiglets had to content themselves with non-internet-related activities, which was a welcome novelty.

  3. Harrumph. Getting it working is all well and good, but any venture which starts with “this will only take an hour or so” and ends up taking all day is not exactly a Triumph in my book. No chariot for you!
    I notice you didn’t mention the Great Motherboard and Hard Disk Upgrade Debacle of the very next day, eh?

  4. Tigtog is, of course, referring to the new computer I am building for her and simultaneously pushing her luck about getting it finished. We who toil in the shadow of genius oft go unappreciated; ’twas ever thus.

  5. I don’t call being on a promise of Beef Wellington an act of unappreciation.

  6. oohhh, holding the promise of Beef Wellington. I like that. I usually give in half way through, with inevitable results. I must be strong like Tigtog!

  7. It’s perfect weather for the old Boeuf en Croute. We tend to have it on Fridays though, as mobility suffers somewhat afterwards, and a sleepin usually results.

  8. I suppose I get to make the Hollandaise Sauce? Ah well, it’s a small price to pay for a taste of Tigtog’s magnificent Beef Wellington. Who needs a chariot, anyway.

  9. Mr Kozy and I think that it would have been so much easier to buy a 24 inch iMac. Or two. Or maybe three. No that’s greedy.
    All in one box easy peasy.
    And the sausages would still be in the fridge.

  10. …. because even the Snaffler would be busy listening to music, making movies and editing photos.
    Well that’s what they’d have us believe from the Mac ads anyway!

  11. Talking about ads I don’t like: those PC and Mac guys where “Mac” condescends to “PC” in a smarmily ruthless fashion. Annoying.

  12. Very. Funny at first – we bought the iMac at the same time as a friend from work upgraded his Dell and as we were up and running in a fraction of the time it took him, we felt a tiny bit smug – but now it’s a little OTT.
    I’ve read that in the US these ads might even be hurting the business.
    Smug isn’t necessarily attractive.

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