Karen PWN!S! TEH n00bs

Karen Healey of Girls Read Comics and They’re Pissed riffed off Lauredhel’s Anti-Feminist Bingo Card and created an Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo Card. Apparently some fanboyz have been having a whinge at her about it, so she has called forth the mighty power of Clue.

I assume that since you have an internet connection, you’re not sitting in a tree eating a raw rat and grunting suspiciously at interlopers. I mean, I could be wrong. These are big internets, and there’s probably at least one person into that. But if you aren’t that person, and you make this argument, I feel bound to remind you that fully functional humans are totally capable of overcoming biological imperatives in favour of ethical standards and social justice and have been for hundreds of years. If you can’t be bothered to make the effort, then I’m not convinced I should consider you a modern human being at all.

That’s some mighty fine righteous fulminating going on there. (There’ll be costumes and explosions any second, I betcha.)

Anyway, if you liked Lauredhel’s Bingo Card, do go read this.

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  1. ”Women just don’t get comics.
    Yes. Our feeble pink lady!brains are incapable of mastering the subtle complexities of the sequential arts.”

    Oh, I {heart} Girl-Wonder.

  2. And Girl-Wonder – or at least that part of it that is me – {hearts} you!

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