Friday Fun – “Museum” edition

aka When is a museum actually a theme park?

Here it is: the Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum” post that Hoyden had to have, made much easier by the recent spate of LOLCreationists online.

Invisible Science

Image Credit: Dancing Spring

PZ Myers put together a Creation Museum roundup of poor media coverage and the best blogging detailing not only the theme park’s scientific deficiencies but also the theological fallacies. (My favourite post title: Ken Ham’s Petting Zoo Opens to Shut Minds.)

As an interesting side note, Ham has recently got greedy about his publishing empire and shafted his longtime Australian sister-organisation partner Carl Wieland. Astonishing how the sniff of money corrupts faith leaders like Ham, who seems to have never seen a Bible verse he didn’t want to take literally except for the verses in the New Testament that rail against the acquisition and deceitfulness of riches. I bet he doesn’t intend to honour the Leviticus 25 edicts about Jubilee Years [link1][link2] either.

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3 replies

  1. Kim at LP has a caption contest going for the Eve & Adam diorama from the theme park.

  2. From the link about shafting Wieland:
    “Ken Ham is an example of Christian integrity.”
    Christian integrity is not a valued commodity it seems. And my irony meter broke as well. Gotta stop reading creationist web sites.
    But I loved the LOLCreationists. Hadn’t seen that before. The ones referring to Guillermo Gonzalez’s denial of tenure were nice and wicked.

  3. I’m a bit out of touch with the new “top” creationists since the days when I used to moderate – I had to look a few names up.
    On balance I think not being intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the woowooiest creationists is a good thing.

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