Brickbat – Sumo Salad Ad

It was on early this morning. The start was a take off of anti-smoking advertising “Every burger is doing you damage”. Then it showed a picture of a young woman’s bottom and waist with voiceover “this is a healthy woman”… Read More ›

Marvel Fail: rape culture apologism from writer, where the hell were the editors?

Storyline summary: villain named Chameleon takes Peter Parker’s shape and has sex with his roommate Michelle Gonzalez, who thinks he is Parker. Subsequent events show that the incident is being played for laughs with the oh so hilarious misunderstandings afterwards between Parker and roommate as she morphs immediately into a super-possessive clingy and bossy girlfriend from Nightmareland.

Double Standard?

In other news, apparently Australia is done for now that we’ve lost the Ashes, were beaten by the All Blacks in [proper] rugby, and our Miss Australia came fourth in the Miss Universe contest. Can things get any worse?