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There’s a lot of finger-pointing in the anti-vaccine movement about how any doctors or scientists who accept the scientific consensus that vaccines are the single most effective life-prolonging medical innovation in human history are just greedy, greedy Big Pharma shills… Read More ›

Elite male athletes and homosocial bonding through sexual coercion of women

As raised on the Otterday open thread, this has been all over the TV, radio and papers today – the 4 Corners episode on ARL footy players and their attitudes of sexual entitlement. Especially the attitude that says if a girl agrees to sexual contact with one footballer, or maybe two, that it’s no big deal if suddenly several other players appear in the room to “take a turn”, with a larger crowd of the team’s entourage happily watching this suddenly changed situation. The news stories very carefully avoid any terms suggesting that any player committed a criminal sexual offence, as no charges have been laid, and certainly no convictions have ensued.