Quick Hit: What does this man have to do to get taken off air?

He’s done it again. This time he has insulted the Jewish community and indulged in a little fat hate (although this hasn’t been picked up by the media). There is the mandatory non-apology as well. “If I offended anyone…” doesn’t the fact that they are calling for you to be sacked imply you might have offended someone and a proper apology wouldn’t go astray? Edited to add: He did actually offer a proper apology to those he had offended this time.  There are still calls for him to be sacked though. Hopefully they might get some traction this time. How many people does he have to offend before someone says enough?

Note: any stray Holocaust deniers floating around – go away you won’t be tolerated here. This is also not a thread for discussing the Israel-Palestine situation. Do that in another thread or on your own blog if you need to.

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  1. Ugh.
    I thought I heard somewhere that the latest radio ratings are due out next week. A drop in their numbers might lead to some behaviour modification. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  2. The apology text I saw on the telly this morning seemed to have avoided the “if” formulation – I commented on it to mr tog that at least he seemed have learned something there! Did they have it wrong or has he done multiple apologies and used the non-pology “if” on some of them?

    ’It was not my intention to upset anyone and I sincerely apologise to anyone offended by my comments,’ he said in a statement issued by Austereo.

    It feels bad to defend the prat in anyway after such a tasteless and insensitive remark, and it would be vastly improved by changing “anyone” to “those who have been” in that sentence but at least there’s no “if” in there.

  3. Doh, that’s what I get for reading while angry. It was a better apology. I will edit the post to reflect that.
    O/T I suddenly have all these options for Editing, de-linking, moderating etc. So exciting. I wonder if I can edit my own comments now? Yes, yes I can. Bwah ha ha ha ha.

    • You’re seeing all the extra options on this post because you are the author, Mindy. The plugin code wasjust updated, so maybe now you’ll be able to edit your own comments on other threads now too!

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  5. It’s not *that* much better an apology! The whole it was not my intention bit? That drives me nuts. You made a joke about people in concentration camps losing weight. And you think your intention is relevant *why*? How’s about next time saying ‘That was wildly inappropriate and I am sorry for being such a jerk?’

  6. I agree with fuckpoliteness – that’s not a better apology, that’s another weaselly way to put the onus back on the people he offended, rather than on his own behaviour.

  7. The good news is that he has been “suspended” again. Whatever that means.

  8. What does this man have to do to get taken off air?

    ahh the standard answer to the question is –
    1. Write/email the station complaining about idiot brains
    2. Write/email ACMA
    As I understand it, ACMA can only act if they get complaints but they are the peak body/authority.
    ps. tigtog I used a different open-id seems to work 🙂

  9. fuckpoliteness – exactly, THANK you! The whole “It was not my intention” is completely moot. It doesn’t matter what one’s intentions are – they’ve said something that’s offended someone, the correct and admirable response is to apologise with the appropriate humility and grace. Baby steps, I suppose. I guess he can’t stop being a douche overnight.
    He really does need to stop being on radio for a while, though. And I’m THOROUGHLY glad to hear about his suspension.

  10. You all saw the Media Watch program a few weeks ago? The Home and Away competition was appalling.
    Dana Vann: Flying back to America, not even seeing you at all.
    Kyle Sandilands: You can see each other through the glass!
    She said “Maybe if you beg more to Kyle and seem desperate, then maybe they’ll let you stay…”
    Dana Vann: Please Kyle, I’m on my knees. Let me stay please…

  11. idk, it doesn’t not hurt when it’s accidental, but I’d prefer ignorance to malice. :/ then again, its not like people don’t often say it with the idea it outweighs the damage, which, lol no. Explanations are great, but they aren’t an excuse. So I can understand having no patience for it at all.
    I have more issue with the disingenuity of it than the statement itself. Its hard to convince me you aren’t trying to hurt someone when you point and yell ‘fatty’, KYLE 😡

    • @Minna,
      Yes, the disingenuity of failing to acknowledge that he was definitely having a go at Szubanski is definite eyeroll territory, although he’s probably relying on the idea that she’s got a comedian’s tough skin (tougher in fact by far than whining Sandilands) and some sledging comes with the job, so he feels that he only has to apologise for making a Holocaust “joke”. She’s handled it with great dignity and panache, I think.
      As a further point, I’m very weary of the continued trope that the malnourished people suffering in concentration camps are just skinny and so long as they survive there’s no further harm. Prolonged malnourishment can lead to a lifetime of kidney and liver malfunction that severely affects their heath for the rest of their lives, plus the osteoporotic conditions that occur through the leaching of minerals from the skeletal system and the joint conditions that are caused by resorbtion of cartilage into the starving body. It’s part and parcel of the fatuous idea that there’s no such thing as ‘too thin”, a concept that could only arise in a society sufficiently affluent and peaceful that there have been no fatal famines for a few generations.

  12. Is anybody really surprised he has done it again, perhaps at the briefness of the interval but not that he has done it ?
    I believe we really need to look at not only him but his employers.
    After all he is just another shock jock clone who the company was happy to employ because he generates money for them.
    They are also responsible for the [repeated] objectionable actions of their employers.
    Get some teeth into the supervision of our airwaves.
    Take them off the air for a significant period of time whilst paying support staff etc…
    Hurt them where it hurts.

  13. There’s a very interesting article at news.com.au about this:
    I don’t know if that link will work, but it says he might not come back from this. The hurt to the Jewish community, and other survivors of concentration camps, is palpable and raw. The man is a fool.

    • it says he might not come back from this

      In an ideal world I could have wished that the previous incident, or the one before that with the emotional torture of the overseas family reunion people, would have been enough to make Optus and Austereo pull the plug. But I’ll take what I can get.

  14. Helen Razer makes some interesting points today in The Age. She’s a long-time non-fan of Vyle, but wonders why the outcry now when he’s essentially been saying and doing similar stuff for years – and points out that his reaction of bewilderment is sort of justified by his past experiences of saying such things with no consequences other than the sort of superficial negative publicity that only led to him being given more money.
    I know that my own reaction to K&J before the lie detector fiasco was more one of contempt than my current reaction of disgust and the deep conviction that removing him from the nation’s airwaves would be a public good.

  15. Sigh. More than this apparently. He will have external counselling and won’t get paid until 7 October. The salary he would have gotten will go to charity. Obviously enough advertisers haven’t left yet.

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