On Notice: Samsung Microwave Division


Bought a nice big shiny microwave last year from you. After a few months, it broke down. Weird noise as it started up, then the counter went mad and no heat was being produced. Took it to be fixed under warranty. The repair took 3 weeks.

6 weeks later, broke down again in exactly the same way. Took it to be fixed under warranty. The repair took 3 weeks.

Within a week, broke down again in exactly the same way. Rang you up to ask for a new one. You told me that it has to be sent for repairs 3 times and a formal non-fixable report issued. So, once again, I took it to be fixed under warranty. The report took 3 weeks for you to receive and to call me to promise me a new machine.

The new machine took 2 weeks to arrive after that phone call. So, 11 weeks since October last year without a microwave due to repairs/replacement of your dud machine.

The new machine is making a weird noise on start-up. I am not happy, Samsung.

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  1. I had the same problem with my shiny new LG one, but at least it only took two repair attempts and the replacement one works and has done for a year now.

  2. My microwave, bought about 7 years ago is making strange noises (purchased while heavily pregnant with first child). My mum’s microwave, purchased when I was about 9 or so (so over 25 years ago) is still going strong although it hasn’t had an interior light for about 10 of those years. They sure don’t make them like they used to.
    Now I’m afraid to buy a new microwave in case it starts making strange noises straight out of the box. Built in obsolescense is one thing, but that is ridiculous.
    I hope that Samsung come up with something better for you TT.

    • To be fair, the new microwave seems to work just fine at the moment, and the noise currently only lasts for a few seconds at start-up. Maybe this one will continue to work just fine, but the noise just makes me nervous.

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