On a whim, I just followed one of the “Related Posts” links at the bottom of today’s Quick Hit from Mindy, and found my way to her earlier link to a post at The Hairpin about a book of poems by Alice Duer Miller, published in 1915.

Sunday Poet: Maya Angelou

Dr Maya Angelou has changed autobiographical writing forever for all women, but especially for black women. I cannot tell you how much I love Dr Angelou’s poem, Still I Rise and there is something so special about hearing her recite… Read More ›

Google Autocomplete Poetry

Inspired by this FAIL in which Google autocompleted “can you eat” with “can you eat human flesh with wooden teeth”, I decided to start asking Google a few questions, and see what other people were searching for.

I think it makes a kind of poetry – and a kind of comment on the human condition.