Signal Boost: Pamela Denoon Lecture

People who can get to Canberra: this year’s Pamela Denoon lecture is the 25th Anniversary of the event. The speech will be given by Wendy McCarthy AO, and many previous speakers and committee members will be attending for this special occasion.

A Guard’s Story

Via the Global Mail, this is a cartoon-illustrated account by an ex-guard of working in one of Australia’s migration detention centres. This is very tough to read, but worse not to know.

The Totally Esoteric Thread (and follow-up on ARC funding cuts)

While we sit around waiting for someone with some political muscle to actually weigh in on the issue of ARC funding cuts and the disrespect being shown to expertise, let us occupy ourselves in a positive way by opening up eilish’s suggested Totally Esoteric Thread. Please take this opportunity to share with the rest of us which esoteric pocket you can be popped into, especially if you are generally a lurker, and let’s find out what we, collectively, know.

Friday Hoyden: Sekai Holland

The current Zimbabwean Minister for Reconciliation, Healing and Integration has a long history with Australia, going back to her days as a university student. Sekai was here this week to accept the Sydney Peace prize, and give its associated lecture.