Pamela Denoon Lecture 2013: Clementine Ford

“Misogyny, Power and the Media”

6:30 – 8:00pm, Wednesday 6 March

Theatre 2, Manning Clark Centre, Union Court, ANU, Canberra

This lecture is free and open to the public.

For those who can’t get there, the transcript of the lecture will be made available the next day at the Pamela Denoon Lecture website. This site is an amazing resource for what some distinguished feminists, including Eva Cox, Quentin Bryce and Anne Summers, have felt was important to say about the state of the nation and the world. A biography of Pamela and transcripts of most of the lectures since 1995 can also be found at the above address.

From the press release:

“Clementine Ford will examine the various ways women are exercising power in the face of a world that has tried to control them socially, culturally and politically. While the old media have often gagged feminist voices Clementine will focus on the presence of women in the media and in popular culture. She will explore factors that have contributed to an invisibility of issues relevant to women in public life and in the public consciousness while highlighting avenues for change.

Clementine Ford is a Melbourne based writer and social commentator. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including the Age, the Canberra Times, the Big Issue, New Matilda, the ABC and Sunday Life. She also writes a weekly column for Fairfax Digital’s Daily Life, where she was voted one of 2012’s Most Influential Female Voices. Clementine has appeared on ABC’s Q & A, Channel Ten’s The Circle, Mornings on Channel 9 and ABC 24’s The Drum. She is a regular guest on ABC 774 and ABC 891, and has hosted shows on Adelaide’s 5AA and Melbourne’s 3RRR. As a public speaker, Clementine has addressed audiences at the Wheeler Centre, ACMI, Adelaide Writer’s Week and Melbourne Fringe.”

Enquiries to: pameladenoonlecture[at]hotmail[dot]com


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  1. I’m going to this if anyone wants to grab a coffee beforehand 🙂

  2. You know I would complain that nothing good like this ever happens in Adelaide, but it’s a bit hard with the Fringe and Festival on at the moment…

  3. Are you on Twitter angharad? If you follow Clementine, Karen Pickering and Kerryn Goldsworthy you will pick up most of the Feminist happenings in Adelaide. They happen there more often than Canberra! But still Melbourne seems to be the hub.

  4. Hi Mindy, I’m not on Twitter, alas, but I’ll try keeping my ears a bit more carefully open…

  5. I’ll try to remember to post notices here more often as well. I forget that not everyone is on Twitter : /

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