A Guard’s Story

At Work Inside Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story

Via the Global Mail, this is a cartoon-illustrated account by an ex-guard of working in one of Australia’s migration detention centres. He is taking a considerable risk in publishing this material. Content warning for very distressing descriptions of abuse, mental stress and self-harm.

This is very tough to read, but worse not to know.

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  1. Reading this is deeply saddening and horrifying – not because of the shock of it, but in seeing that what I imagine to be happening is indeed happening. Is it so hard to ask just a bit of empathy towards asylum seekers? Because I see none here.

  2. I hope there are some employees left who try to make it better for asylum seekers.

  3. The dreadful thing is that the people who need to see this the most are those in power, the ones who’re responsible for this horror in the first place. The best you can say for them is that they don’t give a damn, but I think it’s a lot worse than that.
    Kudos to this brave and compassionate person.

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