rape culture

An Open Challenge to mainstream media re SlutWalk Sydney

Does a single one of you have the guts to forego predictable titillation and let the public know the truth about Slutwalk and the hundreds and hundreds of other women and male and queer allies who will be marching in non-skimpy wear, and why they are there? Or will it just be more sad head-shaking misrepresentation from your pundits?

Quote of the Week: victim blaming and rape culture

If the fact that there are people who will argue with a straight fucking face that an 11-year-old child “didn’t do enough” to stop eighteen young men from raping her doesn’t convince everyone with a capacity for reason and any trace of decency that we live in a culture that supports and condones rape, I can’t imagine what possibly could.

Yet another Dickwolves post

[TW: rape culture] Don’t know about it yet? You’re lucky. Here’s a timeline. Geek Feminism and Shakesville have multiple posts on how Penny Arcade fucked up not so much with just(!) an insensitive rape joke in their webcomic, but with their mockingly dismissive responses (and how that played into their fans’ responses) to people’s objections to that webcomic.