rape culture

Today in good news

1. DADT repeal bill signed. 2. UN resolution condemning extrajudicial killings reinstates sexual orientation clause. 3. Sady Doyle gets a good night’s sleep.

Greer, Steinem, Brownmiller et al: please challenge Naomi Wolf’s statements on rape and consent

Harriet J: “Dear Second and Third Wave Feminists With Publicly Recognizable Names …Please give us somebody else to point to when we are told that we can be raped in the ways Naomi Wolf has decreed are acceptable…Please do not let Naomi Wolf become the voice of what is rape, because rapists were listening when she spoke, and judges, and juries, and future victims who will spend their lives believing it was their fault, and they are always saying “yes” if they are not shouting “no.” “

Signal Boost: Mighty #MooreandMe link collection

Only just catching up on the current online activism taking place using the #MooreandMe hashtag on Twitter? Not quite sure what it’s all about? Hoyden commentor Meg Thornton has put together a huge #MooreandMe link collection: Source Materials, Sady Doyle’s activism, Rape Apologism 101 Stuff, Comment & Opinion, Places to Send Donations and more.