Ennervening the spouse

We test-drove small turbodiesel cars yesterday and today. Yesterday, the car we drove was an easy-driving car with decent performance. Today, we drove a car that took me back to my youth of hanging around with Rally Car Clubs, and… Read More ›

Jill nails it

I’ll take voting rights over a knight in shining armor, thanks.

And that’s the thing with chivalry: It always demands something in return.

The preschooler speaks.

Over dinner, we were talking about the school uniform at the lad’s new school – the one he’ll be transferring to when we move. “It’s blue pants and a golden shirt”, he told Daddy, having observed the kids wearing this… Read More ›

Chris Clarke wants marsupial tales

So he’s tagged me with this Animeme, via Bora. I’m not that much into memes generally, but this one appeals to me. I’m afraid it takes me a little while to get to the marsupials, but I promise they’re here.

Weekend dose of art

The lad’s been enjoying a couple of different art media this weekend. He’s continuing his single-minded effort to catalogue the natural world. “Flower” Metallic textas on Reflex photocopying paper “Tiger” Acrylic paint on butchers paper

That surname thing bites again

Catherine Deveny writes ironically that her recent column on why do women still change their names upon marriage seems to have realised her “aim of whittling my readership down to three”. It was a case of Team Deveny versus Team… Read More ›


Please tell me this site is a wind-up. Image source: screenshot from H/t to commentor Zwilnik at LP.